Floating With The Wind

Jun 30, 2021

1 min read

One year ago

This time last year was a tumultuous time for me mentally. I am in a better place right now but I haven’t forgotten the sensations that dominated my body when things looked bleak.

Even though coronavirus is still wreaking havoc on lives across the country, a lot of us have learnt to deal with it better. It wasn’t the same when July came last year. There was a lot more fear and a vaccine looked like a distant possibility.

Image credit: Pixabay

I used to sleep a lot and had begun to despise food. Financially, I was struggling and I avoided most people by refusing to pick up calls. The feeling of guilt was strong and despite some very kind words by my mother, I was finding it difficult to shake it off.

I had learned to practice guided meditation in 2018 and that helped a little. I also started playing an archery game on my phone. A lot of time would pass and I wouldn’t have achieved anything.

The tide turned in 2021 and I am grateful to be present in the here and now. Life gives everyone their share of fun and joy. We must not ask for too much more.